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Born: 29 September 1942, Blackburn, Lancashire, England. 

Ian McShane is the only child of Irene (née Cowley) and professional footballer Harry McShane. His father was Scottish, from Holytown, Lanarkshire and his mother was of Irish and English descent. He grew up in Davyhulme, Manchester, attending Stretford Grammar School.

After being a member of the National Youth Theatre, he studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) alongside Anthony Hopkins and John Hurt. McShane’s early film roles include “The Wild and the Willing” (1962) and playing “Satan# in the” York Mystery Plays” in 1963.

In the UK, McShane is best known for his role as antiques dealer “Lovejoy” in the eponymous series. He gained fame through television series like “Wuthering Heights” (1967), “Jesus of Nazareth” (1977) and “Disraeli” (1978). In the US, he portrayed British film director “Don Lockwood” in “Dallas” and Al Swearengen in “Deadwood”. His film roles include “Sexy Beast”, “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” and “John Wick” series.

Ian McShane has been married three times and has two children. He is also an avid supporter of Manchester United, following in his father’s footsteps who played for Manchester United.


Suggested viewing


Lovejoy (1986)

Lovejoy poster

Bftv 9.0 / IMDb 7.8

“Lovejoy” centers around a charming and cunning antiques dealer who frequents the world of art forgery and theft. With a mix of wit and deception, he uncovers valuable treasures and outwits rivals while dealing with various eccentric characters. His adventures lead to intricate schemes, twists and unexpected outcomes in each episode.

Top cast: Ian McShane, Dudley Sutton, Chris Jury, Phyllis Logan, Malcolm Tierney, Caroline Langrishe, Diane Parish, Pavel Douglas, Maggie Ollerenshaw.

Similar to

Minder poster


Wuthering Heights (1967)

Wuthering Heights poster

Bftv 8.0 / IMDb 6.4

“Wuthering Heights” is a complex and intense story that follows the lives of the Earnshaw and Linton families in 18th century England. The story is structured as a series of narrations within narrations, exploring themes of love, revenge, social class and the destructive power of obsession.

Top cast: Ian McShane, Angela Scoular, Anne Stallybrass, John Garrie, William Marlowe.

Alternative versions

Wuthering Heights (2011)     Wuthering Heights (1939) poster     Wuthering Heights poster


Sky West and Crooked (1966)

Sky West and Crooked poster

Bftv 8.0 / IMDb 6.8

“Sky West and Crooked” follows the story of a troubled teenager who struggles to find acceptance and belonging in a small village community. Raised by her strict grandmother after the death of her mother, she becomes an outcast due to her unconventional behavior and mysterious past.

Top cast: Hayley Mills, Ian McShane, Annette Crosbie, Laurence Naismith, Geoffrey Bayldon, Pauline Jameson, Norman Bird, Juney Ellis, Hamilton Dyce.


The Pillars of the Earth (2010)

The Pillars of the Earth poster

Bftv 9.0 / IMDb 8.0

“The Pillars of the Earth” is a historical drama set in 12th-century England, following the construction of a cathedral amidst political turmoil and personal ambition. The story intertwines the lives of various characters, revealing their struggles, romances and quests for power, all against the backdrop of a stormy period in English history.

Top cast: Ian McShane, Matthew Macfadyen, Eddie Redmayne, Hayley Atwell, Rufus Sewell, Sarah Parish, Robert Bathurst, Sam Claflin, David Oakes, Donald Sutherland.


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