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Born: 1 January 1986, Armagh, Northern Ireland. 

Colin Morgan’s passion for acting ignited early, and he excelled in his drama classes at Integrated College Dungannon, earning the prestigious Denis Rooney Associates Cup for overall student excellence in his third year.

In 2004, Morgan’s pursuit of his craft led him to the Belfast Institute of Further and Higher Education, where he attained a National Diploma in Performing Arts. His talent and dedication caught the attention of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, and he successfully transitioned to the renowned institution, graduating in 2007.

Morgan’s professional debut marked a significant turning point. His performance as the title character in DBC Pierre’s play “Vernon God Little” at the Royal Court Theatre in London collected critical acclaim and cemented his position as a rising star.

The year 2008 proved to be a pivotal one for Morgan as he secured the lead role in the BBC fantasy series “Merlin,” which ran for five seasons. His captivating portrayal of the titular character, Merlin, the servant and trusted advisor to Prince Arthur, catapulted him into international stardom.

Colin Morgan’s versatility shined through as he took on diverse roles in television series such as “Doctor Who,” “The Catherine Tate Show,” “The Fall,” and “Humans.” His ability to seamlessly transition between genres and characters further solidified his reputation as a talented and versatile performer.

Beyond his acting achievements, Morgan is a talented musician, having released two albums, “Out of the Way” and “6am,” blending acoustic and electronic influences.


Suggested viewing


Merlin (2008)

Merlin poster

Bftv 8.5 / IMDb 7.9

Set in the magical realm of Camelot, BBC’s Merlin follows the extraordinary friendship between Arthur, the future king, and Merlin, an unassuming young warlock. As Arthur embarks on his destined path to rule, Merlin’s magical guidance and unwavering loyalty weave a tale of adventure, self-discovery, and the enduring power of friendship.

Top cast: Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Angel Coulby, Katie McGrath, Anthony Head, Richard Wilson, John Hurt, Nathaniel Parker.


Humans (2015)

Humans poster

Bftv 8.5 / IMDb 7.9

In a society where androids known as “synths” have become commonplace domestic servants, the Hawkins family welcomes Anita, a synth with an uncanny resemblance to a human. As Anita develops sentience and begins to question her existence, she blurs the lines between human and artificial intelligence, challenging the very definition of humanity.

Top cast: Gemma Chan, Katherine Parker, Colin Morgan,Tom Goodman-Hill, Emily Berrington, Ivanno Jeremiah, Ruth Bradley, Danny Webb, William Hurt, Holly Earl, Pixie Davies, Theo Stevenson.


Full filmography (@Wikipedia)


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