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Mini Biography

Born: 8 August 1988, London, England.

Growing up in a multicultural family of Saudi and English heritage, Aiysha Hart was exposed to a rich tapestry of cultures and traditions. This upbringing greatly influenced her passion for storytelling and her desire to explore different characters and narratives. From an early age, Aiysha exhibited a natural talent for performing, which led her to pursue a career in acting.

Hart’s professional journey began with her training at the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London.

In 2013, Hart made her breakthrough with her role as Ariadne in the BBC fantasy adventure drama series “Atlantis” Her portrayal of the strong and intelligent character garnered critical acclaim and helped establish her as a rising star in the industry.

In 2016, Hart joined the cast of the crime drama series “New Blood.”

Also in 2016 Hart appeared in the hit TV series “Line of Duty” . She portrayed the character of DS Sam Railston in the show’s fourth to sixth season.

In 2018 Aiysha Hart joined the TV series “A Discovery of Witches”, Hart portrays the character of Miriam Shephard. Miriam is a vampire and a close friend of Matthew Clairmont, one of the main characters. She is depicted as strong-willed, intelligent, and fiercely loyal.


Suggested viewing


Line of Duty (2012)

Aiysha Hart Line of Duty poster

Bftv 9.0 / IMDb 8.7

“Line of Duty” is a gripping police procedural series that follows the work of AC-12, an anti-corruption unit in a fictional city. Led by Superintendent Ted Hastings, they investigate corrupt police officers and delve into a complex web of conspiracy, cover-ups, and internal affairs, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.

Top cast: Martin Compston, Vicky McClure, Adrian Dunbar, Jason Watkins, Paul Higgins, Lee Ingleby, Gaite Jansen, Claudia Jessie, Thandiwe Newton, Aiysha Hart (S3-S6)

New Blood (2016)

New Blood poster

Bftv 8.5 / IMDb 7.3

New Blood is a crime drama television series created by Anthony Horowitz. It followed the lives of two young investigators, Stefan and Rash, from different law enforcement backgrounds, as they team up to tackle complex cases involving organised crime and corruption in London. The series explores their personal and professional struggles while unraveling intricate criminal networks.

Top cast: Mark Strepan, Ben Tavassoli, Mark Addy, Anna Chancellor, Ariyon Bakare, Aiysha Hart, Kimberley Nixon, and Dorian Lough.

Atlantis (2013)

Atlantis Aiysha Hart

Bftv 8.5 / IMDb 6.5

“Atlantis” is a historical television drama series produced by the BBC. It follows the adventures of a young man named Jason, who stumbles upon the ancient city of Atlantis while searching for his missing father. Jason befriends Hercules and Pythagoras as they encounter mythical creatures, gods, and face the challenges of this legendary world.

Top cast: Mark Addy, Jack Donnelly, Robert Emms, Aiysha Hart, Sarah Parish, Jemima Rooper, Juliet Stevenson, and Amy Manson.

A Discovery of Witches (2018)

A Discovery of Witches poster

Bftv 8.5 / IMDb 7.8

In the TV series adaptation of “A Discovery of Witches” , Diana Bishop, a historian and witch, discovers a bewitched manuscript that draws her into a forbidden world of magical creatures. She forms a bond with vampire Matthew Clairmont, and together they take a dangerous journey to uncover the secrets of their intertwined pasts while facing threats from various supernatural factions.

Top cast: Teresa Palmer, Matthew Goode, Alex Kingston, Valarie Pettiford, Owen Teale, Louise Brealey, Malin Buska, Aiysha Hart.


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