6 Cracking Old School Heist Films

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Watch heist films for a thrilling and suspenseful experience. See the characters plan and execute elaborate robberies with precision and style. All but The Italian Job, these heist films are based on real events.


The Bank Job (2008)

Still from The Bank Job (heist film)


Based on the true story of a 1971 robbery in London, where a group of amateur criminals are recruited to steal safety deposit boxes from a bank vault that contain compromising photos and documents belonging to prominent individuals, leading them into danger as they become embroiled in political and criminal intrigue.

Top cast: Jason Statham, Saffron Burrows, Stephen Campbell Moore, Daniel Mays, James Faulkner, Alki David, Michael Jibson and Georgia Taylor.


The Hatton Garden Job (2017)

Still from The Hatton Garden Job with Larry Lamb


Another heist film based on the true story of a group of aging criminals who plan and execute an extraordinary burglary in London’s diamond district over Easter weekend in 2015. The gang, made up of retired crooks with lots to prove and nothing to lose, meticulously plan the heist to steal millions worth of jewels from safety deposit boxes located underground in Hatton Garden. However, tensions rise as their operation becomes complicated by mistrust, greed and unforeseen events that threaten to unravel their carefully laid plans.

Top cast: Matthew Goode, Phil Daniels, Larry Lamb, Clive Russell, David Calder, Joely Richardson, Stephen Moyer and Mark Harris.


The Duke (2020)

Still from The Duke with Jim Broadbent


“The Duke” is a biographical heist film based on the true story of Kempton Bunton, an elderly man who stole a portrait of the Duke of Wellington from the National Gallery in London.

Bunton, a working-class pensioner with socialist beliefs, becomes outraged when he learns that the government has decided to buy the portrait for £140,000 using taxpayer money. He believes that this amount could be better spent on social programs for those in need. In an act of protest against what he sees as government waste and corruption, he sets out to steal the painting.

Top cast: Jim Broadbent, Helen Mirren, Fionn Whitehead, Matthew Goode, Anna Maxwell Martin, Charlotte Spencer, Tim McInnerny and John Heffernan.


Fool’s Gold: The Story of
the Brink’s-Mat (1992)

Fool's Gold; The Story of the Brink's-Mat Robbery


A dramatised documentary that speculates what happened during one of the most daring heists in British history. In November 1983, a group of six armed robbers broke into the Brink’s-Mat warehouse at London’s Heathrow Airport and stole millions of pounds worth of gold bullion, diamonds and cash.

This heist film explores how this audacious robbery was planned and executed by a group with links to organized crime syndicates. It also looks at how they managed to evade capture for years despite an intense police investigation.

Top cast: Sean Bean, Larry Lamb, Trevor Byfield, Brian Croucher, Rob Spendlove, David Cardy, Sharon Maiden, George Jackos and Stephen Frost.


The Great Train Robbery (2013)

Still from The Great Train Robbery


This heist film is actually a two-part television series but who’s counting. It tells the story of the infamous robbery of a Royal Mail train in Buckinghamshire, England, on August 8th, 1963.

In part one, “A Robber’s Tale,” we follow Bruce Reynolds and his gang as they meticulously plan and execute their daring heist. We see how they recruited members for the job, sourced equipment and weapons, and finally carried out the robbery itself.

In part two, “A Copper’s Tale,” takes place several weeks after the robbery. This time we see events unfold from the perspective of Detective Tommy Butler who leads an intense manhunt to catch those responsible for this brazen act of criminality. As he gets closer to catching them, however, he realises that there may be more to this case than meets the eye.

Top cast: Luke Evans, Martin Compston, Neil Maskell, Jack Roth, Paul Anderson, Richard Brake, James Fox and Nick Moran.

You can read more about the robbery at Wikipedia


The Italian Job (1969)

The Italian Job


A team of skilled thieves led by Charlie Croker plans an elaborate gold heist in Italy. With precise planning and daring car chases, they execute the perfect robbery. But betrayal and unexpected events force them to adapt their plans, leading to a thrilling and unpredictable race for survival and fortune.

Top cast: Michael Caine, Noël Coward, Benny Hill, Margaret Blye, Raf Vallone, Tony Beckley, Rossano Brazzi, Irene Handle, John Le Mesurier.


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