4 Brilliant Crime Dramas Starring Nicola Walker

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Crime drama series Starring Nicola Walker

Crime dramas starring Nicola Walker are exceptional due to her captivating acting, compelling characters, engaging storylines, strong female leads and high production quality. Her performances bring depth and authenticity, while the shows explore dark themes, challenge stereotypes, and deliver suspenseful narratives that keep viewers hooked.


Annika (2021)

 starring Nicola Walker as Annika


Starring Nicola Walker as the sharp, witty, and enigmatic DI Annika Strandhed, this thrilling series follows her as she leads a specialist Marine Homicide Unit (MHU). Tasked with unraveling unexplained, brutal, and seemingly unsolvable murders, Annika’s skills and determination are put to the test in this gripping crime drama.

Starring Nicola Walker, Silvie Furneaux, Katie Leung, Jamie Sives, Kate Dickie and Paul McGann.


River (2015)

Nicola Walker River


Respected police officer John River, known for his exceptional skills but burdened by inner turmoil, grapples with the haunting loss of a colleague. As he relentlessly pursues a suspect through the streets of London, the outcome takes a tragic turn. Alienated from the establishment, River finds himself in a precarious situation, striving to provide solace to a grieving mother who holds him responsible for a broken vow.

Top cast: Stellan Skarsgård, Nicola Walker, Adeel Akhtar, Lesley Manville, Owen Teale, Georgina Rich, Eddie Marsan, Turlough Connery and Sorcha Cusack.


Spooks (2002)

Nicola Walker Spooks


Tasked with protecting the nation, the series showcases the relentless efforts of a group of MI5 officers stationed at the renowned Thames House headquarters. These dedicated officers operate out of a highly secured suite of offices, aptly named The Grid, and face a multitude of challenges as they race against time. The title of the series, a popular colloquialism for spies, adds an intriguing element to the narrative, immersing viewers in the captivating world of espionage and national security.

Top cast: Peter Firth, Nicola Walker, Matthew Macfadyen, Hugh Simon, Miranda Raison, Rupert Penry-Jones, Anna Chancellor, Hermione Norris, Keeley Hawes and David Oyelowo.


Unforgotten (2015)

Nicola Walker Unforgotten


Starring Nicola Walker, “Unforgotten” is a crime drama that follows detectives Cassie Stuart and Sunil “Sunny” Khan as they investigate cold cases. The show delves into the lives of both the victims and suspects, unraveling secrets buried in the past. With complex characters and intricate storytelling, “Unforgotten” keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

Starring Nicola Walker, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Carolina Main, Jordan Long, Lewis Reeves, Peter Egan, Pippa Nixon, Alastair Mackenzie and Georgia Mackenzie.


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